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Kei Sushi prides itself in making the best tasting sushi in town, we embrace the principals of community, great times and uncompromising quality that allows for a genuine dinning experience. We offer an opulent array of dramatically prepared and presented sushi and sashimi, not to be missed our signature Sushi Rolls such as our famous HWY 50 Roll, Pink Lady, Spider Roll and other sumptuous favorites, all beautifully elevated, prepared and served with our original and unique flair and hospitality.

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Wines, Sake, Beer, and Cocktails

Dine at one of the finest sushi restaurants in town. Not only do we have great sushi, but we have an amazing cocktail menu with Wine, Sake, and beers.


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Alex C.

Current favorite! Wonderful fish, always fresh and really healthy sized pieces.This is 100% my fave place in town and I would recommend it to anyone over any other place in town. Chefs are very talented and have great quality ingredients to work with! There aren't order sheets which is a little against the Reno grain but that's ok! Brian made us a special roll, it was stupid good! Service is wonderful, food is wonderful, atmosphere is wonderful.... I can't think of any other aspects but they are wonderful too! There's not much else to say about a place that is so great besides GO THERE!

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James G.

We have found our new FAVORITE place Reno for Sushi ! This was our first time here. We tried it because Yelp reviewers had so many great things to say about Kei Sushi. (pronounced "Kay" Sushi) They're located in an outer neighborhood, with a great big parking lot, so it's an easy and convenient place to discover. We arrived early on a Friday and settled in at the sushi bar. We lucked upon one of their newer sushi chefs, Isaiah. He is a friendly and enthusiastic ambassador for Kei Sushi. He guided us through the menu and steered us artfully to all the things we enjoy the best when having sushi. We also had an attentive waiter, Monaco, who was always there at the right time, and made sure we had all the peripherals (appetizers, beers, sake, dessert, etc). We enjoyed the All-You-Can-Eat Sushi option. All the food was so very good! I won't itemize our choices here, you know what you like, but suffice to say, you can't go wrong. Quality, flavor and presentation were all stellar.

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Cheri K.

THE best sushi I have had!! The staff is so kind. Met the owner, he is awesome. Gave us cheeks on the house. Love his knife skills and his rolls. The quail egg shooters are to die for! I don't know if they are too pretty to eat though, nope, definitely need at least four while you are there. My favorite items by far are the egg shooters for sure, the raw nigiri of shiro maguro, maguro, kani, and oh!!! they have walu! (It is so good!), Rooster salmon and the regular upside down shrimp. Their rolls: Rainbow, Alaskan, Tiburon, San Fransisco, Alligator, Fuji Mountain, Lava, Cal Rainbow, and the rooster roll. We have only been for lunch and have not had a chance to try the dinner menu. I hear their rolls on the dinner menu are even better. Thank you, will always come back!! :)

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5085 S McCarran Blvd Reno, Nevada

  • Tuesday-Saturday 11:00 - 9:00
  • Sunday 12:00 PM - 9:00 Pm
  • Monday Closed
  • (775) 657-9257
  • keisushi@hotmail.com

3220 US-50 #4 Carson City, Nevada

  • Tuesday-Saturday 11:00 - 9:00
  • Sunday 4:00 - 9:00
  • Monday Closed
  • (775) 841-1102
  • keisushi@hotmail.com

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